NaNoWriMusic 2008

by Toronto NaNo

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This album was created in 2008 by members of the Toronto chapter of National November Writing Month (ToNaNo). We are all novelists, yes, but many of us channel our creative energy into other pursuits as well. We made this CD to recognize, celebrate and share that energy. We hope it inspires you!

All proceeds go to support the Office of Letters and Light and National Novel Writing Month. Please note that ToNaNo does not represent NaNoWriMo (and all that legal stuff and so on).


released October 30, 2008

Produced by Deborah Isaac and Errol Elumir (Debs & Errol) and Ryan Harron.
Mastered by Lynn McLeod.
Artwork by Hilary Slater Lamont.

All songs featured on NaNoWriMusic 2008 have been provided by their respective artists and/or copyright holders on a non-exclusive, royalty-free basis. All artists and/or copyright holders retain copyright of their work.




WrimoSongs Toronto, Ontario

WrimoSongs is a collection of songs and parodies written for National Novel Writing Month. All proceeds of the album go to NaNoWriMo.

This is not an official NaNoWriMo production, and the content has not been reviewed by National Novel Writing Month.
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Track Name: Heather Emme - I Never Meant To
I never meant to write a book
I never meant to write a book (about you)
I never meant to write a book (about our love)
I never meant to write a book (about you)

Our story is too personal
Too secretive, too silent
There was violence, and my arsenal
Depleted in your presence
There were presents sent too late
And dates were better left forgotten
I think about it often

I never meant to write a book
I never meant to write a book (about you)
I never meant to write a book (about our love)
I never meant to write a book (about you)

Your thinking is so terminal
You cut me before I started
And discarded me with vitriol
And smiled while you departed
As I watched your back I knew
That you were better left forgotten
I think about you often
I think about you often

Why don't you leave me alone
Why don't you leave my memories
Why don't you leave me alone
So I can see myself
I can't see me

I never meant to write a book
I never meant to write a book
I never meant to write a book
Track Name: Debs & Errol - Writer's Block
It's my protagonist
She's quite the leading lady
She's gorgeous, smart and strong
She drives the boys all crazy
But she just stares and me and won't take direction
It's just a tad pathetic
I think she might be narcoleptic


I could see she is wild and daring
An accountant with dash and flare
Corporations sing her praises
Solving problems without a care
But she holds a secret that would send her world asunder
She has one dream she's been wishin
So she's training to be a radio technician.

Thanks for the kind suggestion
But that's not her at all
In fact that sounds quite boring
that plot is far too small
She needs a storyline that's worldly and epic
The readers just wouldn't get her
I think that we could do much better.

Errol: about...

A dry cleaner with strong convictions
Wants to be a political leader
But her boyfriend's a killer for hire
For the mob but he really needs her.
And she can't bring herself to voice her own opinions
Even if she feels it's wrong.
She's cleaning blood stains all day long.

Or perhaps she could be a ninja!
Breaking gender roles and bones!
She carves death with her Stealth Trebuchet
Fighting off - assailants unknown!
But she meets an opponent that she cannot overcome
A charming man who is a bit uppity.
And he's cursed, afflicted with lycanthropy.

That rhyme was pretty bad!

I don't think this will work
Sorry for my indecision
You do have great ideas
But we've just got different visions
This plotline should tap into something enormous
Humanity as a whole
Bound to ignite the very soul

Oh, I know, she could be duck! (Debs: I don't want her to be a duck)
On the run from many attackers.
She's a delicacy of high demand (Debs: my NaNo novel's gonna suck)
Chinese chefs are trying to catch her!
And then she meets up with a friendly obstetrician (Deb: I think that I should just give it up)
They fall in love and things get sweeter. (Debs: Just stop!)
But in the end he just decides to eat her. (Debs: Please stop!)

Whoops I should go right now.
Gotta find where the kids are at.
My wife is speaking at a rally.
It's been fun thanks for the chat.
Hope she doesn't notice that I look like a zombie
(Debs: Zombies! Yes, that's perfect!)
She's always out till who knows when.
(Debs: You're a genius!)
I certainly hope she's not with men.
(Debs: Thank you so much!)

I/you should get back to typing
the NaNo novel that needs writing!
Track Name: Deborah Linden - Follow the Muse
Follow the muse
Follow the muse
whenever the storyline starts to get confused

Follow the muse
Follow the muse
when you’re at a crossroads and you don’t know what to choose

Every artist has one of his or her own
so when you feel like you’re writing alone

Follow the muse
Follow the muse
hand in hand in
into the wild imaginings,
crystalline dreams,
limitless horizons,
of your mind

and there you will find
the answers you seek.